Keys to Getting Leads Completed

The key factor in getting your leads completed and money in your hands is quality leads.  You want to find “motivated” sellers.  They NEED to sell their home to solve problems in their life.

Motivated Sellers

  • Homeowners that NEED to sell their homes to solve financial difficulties.
  • Homeowners that are being relocated with their jobs.
  • Loss of Job
  • Foreclosures
  • Bankruptcy
  • Un-manageable medical bills
  • Divorce
  • Tired Landlords/Investors
  • Probate Estate settlements

Distressed Properties

  • Vacant/Abandoned
  • Code Violations
  • Properties needing repairs
  • Properties for rent or For Sale By Owner
  • Yards filled with furniture and possessions (Possible Evictions)
  • Personal Referrals
  • Tell Friends, Family, and Co-workers that you are a scout looking for properties.


Who makes a good LSG Scout?

Submitting Leads

Keys to getting leads completed

Finding the Leads

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