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Foreclosure or Bankruptcy—Which Option is Worse?

Foreclosure and bankruptcy are both daunting—often the last straw after a long financial struggle. When considering your options, it is important to compare the eventualities and weigh the effects carefully. While both will cause undoubted credit score damage, minimizing the fallout is critical. Despite your current situation, avoid giving in to complacency. Include long-term credit repair as a factor in your decision.

Foreclosure and bankruptcy carry different levels of urgency. Depending on your circumstances, one may be a better fit when compared with the other. For example, what is the status of your mortgage? Have you only missed one payment, or has your situation progressed past the 90-day mark? Depending on the answer, you lender may be willing to help. Before taking any action, contact the bank and explain the circumstances. If your money troubles are temporary, ask for a forbearance period or other option to reestablish your financial stability. Consider taking on a renter to aid you in this goal. If your troubles are more permanent, however, bankruptcy could be your last option.

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